Register & Shoot

Bring Your Stick …

On Saturday, November 17th, the entire (extended) VICS family is invited to take a FREE turn in the Hockey SharpShooter. 30 seconds, 20 pucks – for bragging rights, fun, and prizes.

VICS executive, coaches, team volunteers, parents, siblings, and of course, players are ALL WELCOME to come and take a FREE TURN. We’ll be in Dressing Room #1 – just past the Robin’s Donuts canteen counter.

Multiple Flights

There will be Gold, Silver, and Bronze bragging rights for each team. There will also be prizes – skills-based and chance-based. Register. Then come on over to take a turn.

  1. Players (G, LW, LD, C, RW, RD),
  2. Coaching Staff (HC, AC, Goalie Coach)
  3. Team Volunteer (GM, Treasurer, Safety, Convenor, Parent Liaison, Other)
  4. Mom
  5. Dad
  6. Grandma
  7. Grandpa
  8. Sister
  9. Brother
  10. Pet [.. no … not really]

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